We are the Latin America largest poly woven industry

Rafitec Propex is strong poly woven and for more than 26 years we have been making your production even more protected
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A Vaccaro Group company.
Holding that includes several independent and consolidated companies, operating in sectors of industry, food, construction, energy generation and agribusiness.
Headquarters, Xaxim, Santa Catarina, Brazil. Packaging (Sacks and Big Bags)
Subsidiary, Xanxerê, Santa Catarina, Brazil. Big Bag finish
Subsidiary, Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil. Technical Fabrics Solutions (Flat Weaving)
Subsidiary, Esplanada, Bahia, Brazil Big Bag finish
Rafitec Propex
Headquartered in the city of Xaxim, west of Santa Catarina, Brazil, Rafitec Propex is a company specialized in the production of polypropylene packaging; sacks, big bags and synthetic fabrics for the most diverse market segments. In 2019, Vaccaro Group acquired the Propex do Brasil units of Curitiba (PR) and Esplanada (BA).
The new units, along with those of Santa Catarina (Xaxim and Xanxerê), total more than 100,000 m² of built area. With this union, Rafitec Propex became the largest poly woven industry in South America. There are about 3,000 employees working in the six factories.

Human capital,
Programs and benefits

We are more than 3,000 people creating a daily movement, empowering good business, positioning brands, and transforming the reality around them. Our greatest strength lies in truly believing in the potential of our team and in the work we do.
Prof. Flexo Quality Award Sergio Vay

The Prof. Flexo Quality Award Sérgio Vay is the most important award in the Brazilian flexographic industry. Created almost 30 years ago by ABFLEXO/FTA-BRASIL, it is awarded to the best flexographic printed works (Broadband, Narrowband and Corrugated Cardboard) from all regions of Brazil. The awards ceremony, held at the end of each year, is traditionally recognized as the largest annual event in the Brazilian flexographic industry.
Rafitec Propex, for three consecutive years (2019, 2020 and 2021), received the award for the best work in the category of flexography in poly woven.

Green Seal

The Green Seal is an initiative of the São Paulo State Journal of the Environment with IBAMA, Ministry of the Environment and with the State Secretariats for the Environment in the South, Southeast, North, Northeast and Center-West regions. The objective is to evaluate Industries and Service Providers that comply with current environmental standards and laws.

Prêmio Plásticos em Revista [Plastics in Review Award]

With the purpose of recognizing the merit and stimulating excellence,  innovation and dynamism of the plastics industry in Brazil Editora Definição, through Plásticos em Revista [Plastics in Review], instituted, in 2003, the PPR - PRÊMIO PLÁSTICOS EM REVISTA [PLASTICS IN REVIEW AWARD]. The PPR is open to the participation of companies operating in the plastics market, such as: manufacturers, distributors or resellers of raw materials; service providers or purchasers of plastic products. Rafitec Propex has been highlighted for six years (2010, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2018 and 2021), for being remembered and considered "excellence in the manufacture of poly woven”.

Rafitec Propex Clean Room

Exclusive area for the production of Big Bags for food, the "Clean Room", is a space designed and separated from common production, which has strict control to avoid as much as possible contaminating agents. Rafitec Clean Room guarantees safety  and quality in the production of Big Bags for food. 

NBR ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Carried out and documented with the participation of all employees, it is a process that takes place from the customer's order to the delivery of the product, focusing on all production processes to ensure product quality, customer satisfaction and the reliability of Rafitec Propex.

ABRACE seal for hazardous cargo

The quality of Big Bags for hazardous cargo is guaranteed through tests and approvals carried out by product certification bodies, namely: INMETRO (National Institute of Metrology), represented by - ABRACE (Brazil Assessments of Conformity and Tests Ltd.), which it complies with the determinations of resolution ANTT 420 (National Land Transport Agency) and ordinance No. 250, which allows transport in the terrestrial modal.

Seal of the Brazilian Navy for maritime transport

This certificate is made available through the Ports and Coasts Board, which complies with the provisions of NORMAM-05 / DPC (Maritime Authorities Approval Standards) and IMDG CODE (International Maritime Code for the Transport of Hazardous Goods) and allows martime mode transport. The seals of conformity allow the supply of packaging for the transport of various types of hazardous products that fall into risk groups II and III, for example: process residues that may contain hazardous agents and that need adequate and safe transport, (cloths, rags, PPE), equipment contaminated with oil, materials with paint sludge, ammonium nitrate, among others. Headquartered in the city of Xaxim, west of Santa Catarina, Rafitec Propex is a company specialized in the production of polypropylene packaging; sacks, big bags and synthetic fabrics for the most diverse market segments.

Research and sustainable development

Fully recyclable packaging

Zero Waste

Solid Waste Management

Selective Collection

Capture and reuse of rainwater

Renewable and clean energy

Conscious use and consumption of energy

Development and Technology

Technological development is a permanent process at Rafitec Propex, in which the application of new knowledge related to technology and investments in the modernization of the industrial park have practical and visible results in products, services and processes. Our excellence is in understanding how the details of a production can become a great advantage.   

To monitor the entire process, we have laboratories and a specific sector for Product Development, with specialists willing to research and study scenarios that lead us to meaningful solutions, focusing on innovations that meet market needs, enabling real customization in exclusive and of unmatched quality.

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